Design of New Industrial District of Caserta

Caserta‎ – Campania – Italy

The project idea is to put together local industrial resources as an opportunity to promote the economic growth of the area of Caserta.

235.000 sq.m selected on purpose will be dedicated to the development of SMEs infrastructures provided with up-to-date technologies and centralized services such as: administration, banking, mail & logistics, technical support, exhibition spaces, research and training centre, convention centre.

Within the new industrial area of 500.000 sq.m, the 88.000 sq.m polyfunctional building designed by Eng. Antonio Crispino and Arch. Roberta Valle represents the true philosophy of the project: not only show but prove the high quality of made in Italy. Concepts such as anthropomorphic shapes and volumes, wide glass surfaces and limited impact on the environment have inspired the project.


10 January 2005


Città di Caserta


architecture & engineering