Concept & Design Competition “City of Water & Well-being” ex Olympic Velodrome area

Rome‎ – Lazio

The project is divided into two segments that are called segment A and segment B in which the program agreement prescribes duties related mainly sporting, recreational, fitness and wellness center and in the public sector and in business primarily for “non-residential “function with a” private “in B.

The preliminary draft of the RTI Teching Srl with EXEN S.p.A. It intervenes, even, in the former Olympic Velodrome.

Attempting espresso is to combine the preservation of the image of the complex, with the public use and with the best development income of the proposed works. In adherence to the concept presented the project has preserved the sign of the reservoir, the curved staircase of the former, the circular route to crowning the staircase, the shell of the building of the main stand and the sign of Corsello.

The public use is obtained from the realization of multiple accesses by allowing citizens to “get inside” the complex and not to “turn around”; the presence of services to the district such as schools, recreation center, senior center, spaces for the City Hall and parking. The sign characterizing the proposed project, is the drop-shaped cover which, falling from the sky turns into swimming pools, fountains and ruscellando ideally connects the area of ​​the former velodrome with the sector B.


5 June 2015




architecture & engineering