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Baku – Azerbaigian

The Baku Yacht Club is a charming new entry, which enhances the elegance of the seafront of Baku and is a beautiful new asset to the capital of Azerbaijan.
Not only from the sea and ashore, but even from the sky the Baku Yacht Club complex has a magnificent visual impact on the spectator.

The design of the complex evokes not only the appearance of a yacht, but also image of the wings of a seagull. These wings are flying towards the sky, symbolizing the international victories the Baku Yacht Club is aiming to achieve.
A scenic designed pier consisting of glass, steel and wood connects the Baku Yacht Club to the mainland. The main construction is a four-floor high building.

From the quay you enter the clubhouse. In this large and airy space are the reception, the management offices, the restaurant and the meeting room located. The meeting room has a splendid sea view. Club members have access to comfortable lounge rooms including a bar, a game room and a pool table. At the same floor you can find a wellness centre, consisting of a sea-front pool, a spa, a fitness centre and thalassotherapy.

On the second and the third floor, there is a delightful guesthouse with 40 suites. These suites are named after famous boats, which contributed to the history of the America’s Cup.

Finally, the fourth level host member-only meeting rooms and a roof garden, where members can be dazzled by the exquisite landscape with breath-taking views the sea and of Baku. This will be possible from 8:30 until after midnight. In this roof garden members can enjoy breakfast, dinner, cocktails or a break from work.

On the ground floor of the Baku Yacht Club are also located exhibition/commercial areas and a sailing school. In comparison to all branches of sport, sailing has always been greatly appealing and possesses an excellent image. Sailing is viewed as adventurous and challenging. The battle with the elements has always been a fascination for humankind. Teamwork, planning and the ability to manage difficult situations are all characteristic for a good sailor. These necessary capabilities in combination with the contribution of new technologies make sailing a very highly regarded and interesting sport.

The Baku Yacht Club, a 5000 square metre complex, is characterized by its modern and sinuous lines and is located in the centre of the Bay of Baku, offering a unique view over the city. The materials from which the complex consists and the architectural forms are based on its nautical aspect. Teak, white lacquer, chrome steel and large windows are a perfect example of this.

The complex is designed in such a way that is floats on the waves, implying natural elements and a culture of marine navigation. The design process has led to an assembly of shapes that suggest wind sails, spinnakers, keels, tides and currents.

The structure is not only a luxurious one, but also environmentally conscious. This is reflected in the usage of photovoltaic cells, solar thermic panels and a cooling system, which makes use of the seawater. One of the pillars of the design is sustainability.

The yacht club is not only an attractive club for persons who have a passion for the sea, but also for persons who are passionate about Formula 1. From 2016 there will be a yearly Formula 1 race through the centre of Baku and the roof garden of the yacht complex provides her club members with a front row seat.

The Baku Yacht Club is able to promote and host prestigious national and international sailing sport events in the coming future and is officially connected to some of the world’s finest and most exclusive yacht clubs like Monaco, Costa Smeralda, San Francisco, New York and Auckland. The aim of the yacht club is to become a destination for the international jet set and because of the club’s international network it is confident it will fulfil these aspirations.


15 June 2015




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