Experience, Expertise and Innovation

With over 30 years of activity, we are leaders in the internationalization process of small and medium businesses.


EXEN is a private and independent engineering and consultancy company established in Rome in 1984 with the objective of promoting and facilitating growth of territories and businesses.

Our activity is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach and an international action field. We supply to a diverse clientele, both in Italy and abroad, a wide and integrated range of engineering, architectural and technical/financial consulting services.

Particular attention is dedicated to the study of environmental sustainability for the projects which are taken onboard.

As a result of the professional competence and experience matured in over thirty years of international activity, EXEN assists the internationalization processes of Italian, small and medium businesses, supplying consultancy in sectors such as the promotion of export, marketing strategies and project finances.

EXEN is able to offer services to companies, which vary from the strategic to the operative phase from the definition of the project idea to the recognition and analysis of the various systems in individual countries, from the feasibility study to the research of commercial, industrial, financial partners, from the delineation of joint venture agreements to the resolution of all legal, fiscal, administrative problems, up to the launch of activities abroad.

The company also supports Public Entities in the planning and realization of programs and projects for the international development of the territory and its business system.

EXEN uses a team of highly specialized professionals capable of distributing technical services which integrate with those of consultancy. This is an advantageous result for the private and public clients, who in this manner dispose of one sole representative.